Middle Grade Books I’d Like To Buddy Read With My Sister

My younger sister isn’t as big of a reader as I am, but she is at the age where is starting to read books that I remember reading and loving and books that I wouldn’t mind rereading! So, I thought it’d be fun if we read some books together and we could review them together here. I haven’t quiet put this plan in motion yet, but I still want to brainstorm some ideas of books I’d like to get to!

City Of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab


This is the book that actually sparked the idea for me. I wanted to read it anyway, but then I realized that my sister might actually enjoy it too! I know that it does have some creepier parts, I think? Which I know I will enjoy and surprisingly my sister isn’t too bothered by stuff like that either. Plus, there’s a cat, ghosts, and it takes place in Scotland!


The Dragon Warrior by Katie Zhao


With just this cover alone, I could convince my sister to read this one haha. She adores dragons. And it’s about a girl becoming a warrior and fighting demons! (I have my fingers crossed I can come across an ARC so she can feel Extra Special that she can help me review it haha)


Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee


This one sounds super, super good. (I’m pretty sure my sister would call the synopsis epic) I’m super pumped it see the fox-magic weave it’s way into the story. It seems like it just jammed packed with super awesome stuff!


The Bone Garden by Heather Kassner


I’m actually really anticipating this one! With the title, I actually thought it was going to be YA, so I’m really pumped to see how it plays out! I know it’s about sort of the after life, bones, and the threat of crumbling into dusts. All things that make me want to read a book!


The Dreadful Tale Of Prosper Redding by Alexandra Bracken


I’ve enjoyed Bracken’s other books and I’ve really wanted to give this a shot, but I’ve just never found the time to squeeze it in. Now my sister and I can enjoy it together! And it’s all about demons and curses and betrayal, which sounds awesome.


I thought I would have a harder time finding titles than I did! I actually had to cut some to make this post the length I wanted haha. It’s a good thing though as I have lots of options. And if you have any recommendations, I’m completely open! I (and my sister!) would love to have an even longer list than we already have!

Thank you for reading!

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