The Nutcracker and the Four Realms



I saw The Nutcracker and the Four Realms over the weekend and I didn’t plan on reviewing, but apparently I have some thoughts. I’ve never been the biggest fan the The Nutcracker story. It never fully interested me when I was younger. And I think I’ve seen a ballet years ago and the Barbie movie. So, I wasn’t as excited for this live action remake as I am for others. But, my sister wanted to see it and I thought I would go for fun.

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Reading Pressure

I’ve seen people talking about the pressure they feel to read review copies or to read a book and review it. I don’t think I’ve read anything at length about it, but it is something I’ve noticed about myself sometimes. And I thought it would be an idea to explore it a little more. So, discussion post it is! This post is most likely going to be messy, so I apologize in advance. My discussion posts are usually just a mishmash of my thoughts, as I think them.

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The Sunshine Book Tag (Original)

Welcome to the Sunshine Book Tag! I’ve wanted to create another tag for awhile, but I just couldn’t seem to nail down an idea. But, I’ve seen the Sunshine Blogger Award going around on the blogs that I follow and I thought it would be fun to create something similar. This is my original tag, but I’m not sure if something like this has been done by someone else. If so, you are awesome!

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There’s Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon

*Spoiler free*

Ashish Patel didn’t know love could be so…sucky. After he’s dumped by his ex-girlfriend, his mojo goes AWOL. Even worse, his parents are annoyingly, smugly confident they could find him a better match. So, in a moment of weakness, Ash challenges them to set him up. The Patels insist that Ashish date an Indian-American girl—under contract. Per subclause 1(a), he’ll be taking his date on “fun” excursions like visiting the Hindu temple and his eccentric Gita Auntie. Kill him now. How is this ever going to work? Sweetie Nair is many things: a formidable track athlete who can outrun most people in California, a loyal friend, a shower-singing champion. Oh, and she’s also fat. To Sweetie’s traditional parents, this last detail is the kiss of death. Sweetie loves her parents, but she’s so tired of being told she’s lacking because she’s fat. She decides it’s time to kick off the Sassy Sweetie Project, where she’ll show the world (and herself) what she’s really made of. Ashish and Sweetie both have something to prove. But with each date they realize there’s an unexpected magic growing between them. Can they find their true selves without losing each other?

There is certainly something about Sweetie. And it’s amazing. When I saw the cover for this book, I fell completely head over heals. It’s a fat girl, an amazingly happy fat girl on the cover of a mainstream YA book. Before I even read the book, the cover meant so much to me. It is truly a gift. And the book only adds to that.

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Enchantée by Gita Trelease

*Spoiler free*

Thank you Flatiron Books for the e-ARC!

Paris in 1789 is a labyrinth of twisted streets, filled with beggars, thieves, revolutionaries—and magicians… When smallpox kills her parents, Camille Durbonne must find a way to provide for her frail, naive sister while managing her volatile brother. Relying on petty magic—la magie ordinaire—Camille painstakingly transforms scraps of metal into money to buy the food and medicine they need. But when the coins won’t hold their shape and her brother disappears with the family’s savings, Camille must pursue a richer, more dangerous mark: the glittering court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. With dark magic forbidden by her mother, Camille transforms herself into the ‘Baroness de la Fontaine’ and is swept up into life at the Palace of Versailles, where aristocrats both fear and hunger for la magie. There, she gambles at cards, desperate to have enough to keep herself and her sister safe. Yet the longer she stays at court, the more difficult it becomes to reconcile her resentment of the nobles with the enchantments of Versailles. And when she returns to Paris, Camille meets a handsome young balloonist—who dares her to hope that love and liberty may both be possible. But la magie has its costs. And when Camille loses control of her secrets, the game she’s playing turns deadly. Then revolution erupts, and she must choose—love or loyalty, democracy or aristocracy, freedom or magic—before Paris burns…

Books that take place in Paris will also catch my attention. There’s just something about it that makes me turn my head and seem so magical. Plus, this book takes place in 1789 which was just more incentive for me read it! I was lucky enough to get an e-ARC from the publisher (!!!!!! I know! My first time getting an ARC from a publisher!!!) and was looking forward to reading it.

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