Spider Man Homecoming: A Review

*This review will contain spoilers*

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I would like to start of by saying that I’m not the biggest fan of The Avengers movies. Personally, I find them boring. There are a select few that I do enjoy and really love, but I’m beginning to realize that I prefer DC over Marvel. With that said I am quite blind to what has happened in previous movies. Since Marvel movies are all connected, this could leave some serious blind spots in my knowledge of what and why things are going down. So, if I get some details wrong, I apologize in advance.

With that out of the way, I have to say I very thoroughly enjoyed Spider Man Homecoming. Seeing how I am deathly afraid of spiders that is a surprise to me.

Honestly, I think the best of part of this movie was Peter’s age. And not only the fact that he was 15, but that he looked it too (even though Tom Holland is actually 21). Now that I’m older I’m taking a real notice to who unrealistically teenagers are portrayed in the media. Most 15, 16, and 17 year olds are not supermodels and it makes me angry that they are almost always portrayed that way. Getting back the point, I thought it was really awesome to see a 15 year old boy, looking like a 15 year old boy, and acting like a 15 year old. It felt like I could relate to him that much more, because I could say “Hey, that’s just like me!” Even though I am a 16 year old girl who would never flip off a building, hopefully you get my point.

Also, I would like to say that Peter Parker is one of the world’s Ultimate Cinnamon Rolls. He is honestly so pure and I love him so much. Probably my favorite parts of the movie was when he was interacting with that cat and that dog. So. Pure. And his way of naming everything by just adding a y on the end was great (i.e. Droney and The Glowy Thing)!

On the subject of characters, I would like to say that I kind of wish that Zendaya would have been more involved in this movie, but I’m hoping that her role will increase in future movies!

The Falcon. I wasn’t a big fan, mostly because he didn’t make sense to me. His underground operation makes a whole bunch of sense when the movie starts and his motivation seems completely realistic, but once some plot points are revealed, I honestly was just left confused.  He is selling his illegal alien weapons because he has a family to take care of. Cool (kind of). I can see how those things can work in his brain, but what I don’t get is that he has one teenage daughter. And they’re rich. They live in a big, fancy house and seem to be very well off. The Falcon talks about supporting his family and that being his main motivation for doing these dangerous things, but why keep doing it? Why live this lavish lifestyle when you can downsize on some things and live comfortably while you search for a normal, safer job? To me, it would honestly make more sense if he had more kids and if they were younger. Then, his story would make more sense to me. I know he probably wants his family to live the best life they can, I just don’t understand the risk.

Anyway, this leads me to the plot twist. Holy wow! The Falcon is Liz’s father! My whole theater went nuts and I think that this was a cool way to tie the everything together and applaud the writers for doing so.

Also, the arc of Peter’s story line was so beautifully done. His growth throughout the movie was really wonderful and I enjoyed watching that happen.

I think one of my favorite parts is when he turns down being an Avenger. Because, he really is only 15 and has a lot more to learn. At the beginning of the movie, being a Avenger is all he wanted and here he is now turning down something he wanted so desperately before because he knows that he still has more to learn. I absolutely adore parallels like that.

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