Woah, Wow, and Welcome!

Welcome to my blog! It seems crazy to me that I am even writing this, because starting something like this always seemed just out of my reach, but I am so happy to be stepping out of my comfort zone and starting something new!

To kick things off I’m going to be starting off with a more general post. Just things about me and what kind of content you can expect to expect from me!

So, my name is Chloe, I’m 16, I currently have rainbowfied hair (thank you Warcross by Marie Lu), and I love everything to do with books and TV shows and photography and film making. I’ve been apart of the bookish community for about six good years now and I’ve had an Instagram account for most of them. I feel like I’ve always been on the outskirts, seeing everything that is happening, but not really joining in. But now I really do want to join in and in more ways than Instagram allows me.

Blogging seemed like the perfect thing for me. I get to be more involved, but I don’t have to speak in front of a camera. Although I do intend to try and start up a Booktube channel at some point.

Now, what you can expect from me. The only set posts I have as of right now are reviews, but other than that I plan on writing about what interests me or what topics I have a lot to say on. I plan on posting once a week,maybe more depending on how my writing and brain correspond.

You can also expect a lot of photography from me! I’m an amateur  photographer and this is really the first creative outlet that I have that really I enjoy and I cannot wait to share it with other people!

Once again, I cannot wait to dive into this new experience and be able to share my thoughts, my pictures, and my love of books in such a different way! Until next time!


5 thoughts on “Woah, Wow, and Welcome!

  1. Welcome to the community, Chloe!! I, too, love everything books and TV shows haha. Your bookshelves are beautiful! Can’t wait to see what books you’re reviewing! 🙂

    Found you through my blog hop, by the way! Nice to meet you!

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