Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With


Yay, another Top Ten Tuesday! I’m not sure how many I’m going to get through, since some of my favorite characters live in pretty bleak worlds. I prefer to read about them instead of actually experiencing them haha.

Sarai from Strange The Dreamer. I KNOW, but I want to check out the citadel and just check everything out. I definitely would not want to stay long, since there is a lot turmoil and problems (I haven’t read Muse Of Nightmares yet!) going on, but I would like to visit.

Caro from Song Of The Current. I am aware I talk about these rivers so much, but they sound so cool and I would love to sail down one!

Rielle from Furyborn. I want to try out her powers, take a peak (maybe a bit more than a peak since this world is so incredible), and then leave. She has a lot of turmoil going on and I don’t think I would like to stay for very long. But this world is SO AMAZING!

Amelia from Stay Sweet. I’ve actually only read a chapter or two from this book, but the ice cream shop she works at seems pretty cool and I’d like to give working at the Meade Creamery a shot!

Bella from Twilight. DON’T JUDGE ME YET. I wanna see the vampires sparkle in real life. Alright, that deserves a little bit of judgement haha.

Cat from This Mortal Coil. This is definitely a world I would not want to be in for very long. I haven’t read the sequel, but the disease and pretty much everything is really intense. But, the technology is really cool and I think it would be fun to play around with.

Harper from The Devouring Gray. She knows how to fence/wield a sword. And I’m just a tiny bit curious what it would be like to be in the Gray for real.

Honestly, I’d love to to visit any sci-fi world and see the world through one of the character’s eyes. They’re all so cool and so different. They all have their own spin on technology and I’d love to try it all out! Those worlds usually have a lot of problems though, so I’m not if I would want to stay long. Just enough to get my fill haha.

Keralie from Four Dead Queens. She’s awesome. I love her skills as a pickpocket (I’m not switching places with her to learn be to a criminal, I promise!) and this world is really cool. I’d love to visit all four quadrants.

There are also so many fantasy worlds I’d love to see through a character’s eyes.

This prompt was hard for me. One, I don’t think I read quick enough not to have repeat answers on this haha. Two, I’m not sure I would even want to switch places with a character. My brain just doesn’t go there when I’m reading. It’s cool to see the characters go through the plot, but I’m not sure if I would want to take their spot. I would just want to pop in and out. It would be cool to experience things a certain character has experienced. I think it would be a cool look into why they do what they do and connect with them more.

Thank you for reading!




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