Let’s talk about tropes. In general and my favorite ones! I adore tropes. I think the good ones are wonderful and should be around forever so all types of stories can be told using them!

I used to always think tropes were a bad thing. I would always here things along the lines of “stay away from using this trope” and when I heard them talked about, it usually meant those things were tired and ready to be retired. But, I have been exposed to a wonderful world where tropes are wonderful and things being cheesy sometimes isn’t a bad thing!

I’m a big fan of enemies-to-lovers and best friends-to-lovers. I’ve found that I’m very particular about what enemies-to-lovers stories I enjoy. For me, it’s a fine line to walk and it’s very easy to fall off. The relationship can go too fast, it can get creepy, or the development could just be completely off. But, I’m still a sucker for it and will try a book out if it has a promise of this trope.

I don’t read as many books with best friends-to-lovers, but wow do I enjoy the ones that I do. There’s something I love about the deep connection the characters usually already have. Plus, there’s usually mutual pining and “oh, they don’t love me” and “wait, you really do?” and I think it’s squee worthy and amazing.

I also love prophecies. I think they are so cool and the ones I’ve been reading have been very well put together. Sure, I think this one is easy to mess up, but I also think there is a high chance of doing it right and for it to be awesome! I actually memorized all of the Gregor The Overlander prophecies when I was younger and preformed them like little skits haha.

There are some I’m not a fan of like NoT lIkE oThEr GiRlS, love triangle, the ever so awful killing off gay or POC token characters. That last one needs to never show up again. But the other two are just my personal preference! I think I could actually enjoy a love triangle, if it was done really, really well. And I think I’ve personally outgrown the “not like other girls” trope. I think other girls are awesome.

Tropes are good. There’s a reason some of them are still around and everybody will have a different take on them. And even if some of them are cheesy, that doesn’t mean they’re bad. Sometimes that just what someone or the story needs. Sure, some of them should never show up again, but some of them should stick around forever.

Thank you for reading!

5 thoughts on “Tropes!

  1. I agree… I love tropes too… best friends to lovers is my favorite… thereโ€™s just something nice about two characters who know each other so well ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
    I tend to enjoy love triangles too, but as you said it has to be convincing…
    Lovely post !!!!

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  2. All the tropes you mentioned that you disliked? Yeah, I’m in complete agreement and they need to go. I also fully agree, enemies to lovers is a great trope. As long as authors keep throwing in their own twists, it doesn’t become cliche and I’ll keep reading them over and over!

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