#RockyRecommends: The Shadows by Jacqueline West


Welcome to #RockyRecommends! Every Friday, my big fluffy cat picks out a book he has read and loved and he gushes about it! This week, he picked out The Shadows, which is the first book in The Books Of Elsewhere series!

Rocky’s Thoughts: Hello I amz Rocky and I amz cat. I have picked out a MIDDLE GRADE book! I do really young YA, but MG is also super awesome and I super like this book in particular! It has paintings you can climb into, which is just so super super cool. I would love to do that myself since I could meet the people who live in the paintings and I could get pets from them. But I want pets from Olive first cause she is also super cool. But do not stay in the paintings too long cause you will turn to paint yourself and not be able to come back out! I think it’s super cool that there are a bunch of different worlds right there in Olive’s house! I also like this book cause it’s creepy but its not too creepy so if you like scary stuff but also don’t, this book is fantastic. This is the first book in a series and the other books are just as good. I have not read all of them yet but the ones I did read are super awesome too! I think it will appeal to young readers and older readers too! It has something for everybody. And you will want to climb into your own paintings after you read!


You can add The Shadows on Goodreads and order a copy of your own! Rocky and I hope you enjoyed this week’s recommendation!

Thank you for reading!

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