Super Queer Recommendations

The other day, a book got a bad review because it was a book for teens that had a “gay theme”. So, because of that I’ve decided to put together a list of queer books (plus a few TV shows!) since these books are really important and I’m so, so happy there are so many out there!



Girls Of Paper And Fire by Natasha Ngan

This is a lush fantasy where humans and animals are blended. It’s a fantastic story, but it also features a f/f romance between main characters! I loved, loved reading about and I adored how it was done. I know the author is working on the second book which is going to feature more romance and more of the amazing world presented in the first book.



Priory Of The Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

This book has DRAGONS. It also has an amazing f/f romance. I was surprised when I read it, since I’ve never read a high fantasy with such a prominent queer couple. Considering how big this book is, it is a slow burn romance, but is completely worth the wait. And while you’re waiting you get dragons and murder and magic. This one isn’t out yet, but it comes out in February!



The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman

So many casually bi characters in this book. There isn’t really a romance in this book and I don’t know how it’s going to play out in the second, but I thought it deserved a spot on this list. Most of the characters are queer and sexuality is talked about casually, which I really enjoyed. And there’s creepy forests and the characters are disasters! This one doesn’t come out until April, but it is so, so worth the wait.



What If It’s Us by Becky Ablertalli and Adam Silvera

This is kind of an obvious one haha. But, since I love it so much I’m putting it here! This is a love story between two boys living in New York. It’s awkward and it’s cute and it’s so true to real life. It’s sad when it has to be, but it reflects the reality of the situations. I loved Arthur and Ben’s story and I’m definitely rooting for them



The Fever King by Victoria Lee

I actually have not read this one yet. It doesn’t come out until March, but I am looking forward to trying it out! The author has said on multiple occasions that every single character in this book is queer. And I am so pumped. I’ve also heard it has a virus and politics and amazing characters!




The Art Of French Kissing by Brianna R. Shrum

Sexuality takes a backseat in this book, but it is definitely there. The love interest is bi and he talks about it openly. While it isn’t a big huge thing, I enjoyed the casualty in it! This book also has absolutely amazing mental health rep, lots of cooking, and an adorable enemies-to-lovers romance!




Wilder Girls by Rory Power

Considering everything the characters are going through, it makes sense that the romance would take a back seat haha. Despite that, the f/f romance is still there and I still want to make that heard. And while this one doesn’t come out until July, it is worth the wait.



I Wish You All The Best by Mason Deaver

Ahhh, I’m really looking forward to this one! It’s about a nonbinary teen who is kicked out of their house and has to move in with their older sister and start a new school. They become friends with a boy at their new school and their feelings for each other grow. It doesn’t come out until May, but it sounds amazing and a lot of people have really loved it so far!




Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins

This is a queer royal romance, a boarding school story, and it sounds like its going to have some enemies-to-lovers too! This one isn’t out until May, but it sounds like it’s going to be worth the wait!





Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

I’m really looking forward to this one. This is another May release! And it’s another queer royal romance! It is an adult book instead of YA, so that is something to keep in mind!




Hot Dog Girl by Jennifer Dugan

Ah, this book has such an amazing trope and is messy and realistic and has a fantastic f/f romance. It comes out in April!





Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman

I haven’t read this one yet, but I know a lot of people adore it. Plus, I have read Starfish and really enjoyed it! It does deal with grief, so it has some heavier themes. And it has a questioning aroace character!



Little And Lion by Brandy Colbert

I haven’t read this book yet and don’t know much about it. Though, I know other people have read it an loved it! The main character is a Black, Jewish, and bi girl!





Once And Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy

This is a King Arthur retelling that is basically a love letter to queer identities. I’m not sure of all the rep in this book, but I do know that it has a lot from a bi character to a nonbinary character!




Girls Made Of Snow And Glass by Melissa Bashardoust

This is another one I don’t know much about, but I have seen it around a lot! And it features a f/f romance!





Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore

I have seen this one a lot and I still don’t quite know what it’s about haha. But I do know that people have raved about the bi rep and I’m looking forward to reading it!




Anger Is A Gift by Mark Oshiro

I didn’t know this at first, but this book has a lot of queer characters in it! Trans, nonbinary, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and asexual characters are all part of the cast!





Our Year Of Maybe by Rachel Lynn Solomon

This book is heartbreaking and shows how hard friendship and life can be sometimes. It also has a chinchilla! And a bi main character!





Beneath The Citadeal by Destiny Soria

I’ve been meaning to read this, but I actually don’t know too much about it! But I do know a character is ace!




The Spy With The Red Balloon by Katherine Locke

This book is queer teenagers punching Nazis and using science to create magic.





You Asked For Perfect by Laura Silverman

This book honestly looks at the pressure the education system puts on students. And it features a m/m romance and the main character is bi!




Dare Mighty Things by Heather Kaczynski

This one is about teens who are competing for a chance to go to space! Cassie is extremely driven and completely in love with the idea of going into space. She’s also ace!




Outrun The Wind by Elizabeth Tammi

This is a Greek mythology retelling with a f/f romance. What a great, thorough summary that is haha.





Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand

This book is all about girls being sad, girls being angry, girls loving girls, and just girls being girls. And one character is ace!



One Day At A Time


This is a show that’s streaming on Netflix! It’s about a Cuban American family living in American. It address so many important issues like racism, sexism, religion, gun control, and homophobia. There is also a teen character who’s a lesbian and she has a relationship with a nonbinary person in the second season!


Brooklyn 99


I know this kind of an obvious one, but I’m still putting it. It’s a sitcom about cops! Caption Holt is gay and Rosa Diaz is bi!

Some honorable mentions are Furyborn, Darius The Great Is Not Okay, Running With Lions, Leah On The Offbeat, Queens Of Geek, Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda, Soul Of Stars, Sorcery Of Thorns, An Assassins Guide To Love And Treason, We Set The Dark On Fire, If It Makes You Happy, Autoboyography, and Radio Silence! Whew, this post ended up being a lot longer than I planned on, but I like it! I know I didn’t nearly cover everything, but it’s awesome how there are so many books with queer characters! And if you don’t see your favorite, please feel free to comment so recommendations can keep on coming!

Thank you for reading!


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  1. I love this list!! So many cool books I haven’t known before <3<3 Now all on my TBR hahaha … I'm currently reading Red, White & Royal Blue and enjoying it massively πŸ™‚

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