Colsten Can’t Wait: Hot Dog Girl by Jennifer Dugan











Welcome to Colsten Can’t Wait, which is my version of Waiting On Wednesday! Every week, my cat and I pick out an upcoming book we’re super pumped for and highlight it! This week we picked out Hot Dog Girl.


Elouise (Lou) Parker is determined to have the absolute best, most impossibly epic summer of her life. There are just a few things standing in her way: She’s landed a job at Magic Castle Playland . . . as a giant dancing hot dog. Her crush, the dreamy Diving Pirate Nick, already has a girlfriend, who is literally the Princess of the park. But Lou’s never liked anyone, guy or otherwise, this much before, and now she wants a chance at her own happily ever after. Her best friend, Seeley, the carousel operator, who’s always been up for anything, suddenly isn’t when it comes to Lou’s quest to set her up with the perfect girl or Lou’s scheme to get close to Nick. And it turns out that this will be their last summer at Magic Castle Playland–ever–unless she can find a way to stop it from closing. Jennifer Dugan’s sparkling debut coming-of-age queer romance stars a princess, a pirate, a hot dog, and a carousel operator who find love–and themselves–in unexpected people and unforgettable places.

When I first heart about this one, I wasn’t too sure about. It just didn’t seem like something I would enjoy or want to read. But a lot of people were really excited about it, so I decided to read the synopsis and it actually sounded really cute! And then I found out it was queer and NOW IM REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! It sounds like it’s going to be funny, awkward, and just downright cute. I’ve been liking coming of age stories recently and I like seeing characters find themselves. And I think I’m going to get a lot of that in this book. I’m also all for awkward. Any kinds of awkward since I can be pretty much all of them haha. I think this book is going to be different than other contemporaries on the shelf, but I think that’s going to be a good thing. I’m definitely looking forward to this little bit weird, but a lot awesome, queer story!


Hot Dog Girl comes out April 30th, 2019! You can add it on Goodreads and pre-order a copy in the meantime!

Thank you for reading!

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