My Problems With Riverdale

Oh yeah, I’m talking about Riverdale. I kind of wanted to do a post about how teens are presented in TV shows and movies. About how people in their 20s are more likely to play a teenage role than actual teenager. But a lot of my feelings towards that stems from Riverdale. And I thought it would be fun to just rip on the show a little bit. These are just my personal opinions and it’s great if you like the show! I can see how it can be fun to watch!

To start off, this show is just bizarre. I’m stopped watching in the middleish of season 2 and from what I’ve seen it just gets weirder. I never know what this show is trying to be. It seems to be serious and then in the next episode it makes a fool out of itself in a way that seems like its on purpose? I dunno, I just don’t get it.

Season one was decent. It didn’t tangle itself up trying to be something it isn’t. But it tried to keep everything up while adding more things in season two and everything sort of just fell apart for me. I didn’t understand the plotlines fully and character motivation was so far off. WHAT WAS EVEN HAPPENING!?

And then there’s the casting. Why do these kids look so old? They were supposed to be freaking 15 when the show started. It’s even gotten past comically funny how far off it is. And it seems like the show forgets how young these characters are with that pole dance Betty did in front of all those old dudes. It makes me really angry seeing these gorgeous supermodel people playing teenagers when the truth isn’t that. It made me feel gross about myself and then I got angry that I felt that way. Teenagers don’t look like that.

The show tries to be sexy and deep and mysterious and it somehow manages to miss every single one of those all the time. It makes it this weird mush of a show with bad plotlines.

I’ve seen that season three starts up with some cult stuff and leans pretty hard on the supernatural. That actually seems interesting, but who knows with this show haha. Maybe I’ll watch some just for fun and see if it actually goes anywhere.

Yeah, I’m just angry at this show. Could it be good? I honestly don’t know. I don’t know if anything could be changed enough to make it something I would enjoy watching.

Thank you for reading!

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