A Review: There’s Someone Inside Your House

*This review DOES NOT contain spoilers.*


I love Stephanie Perkins. She is one of my favorite contemporary authors and her books fall into the list of I hear about them, I instantly want to read them. So, I’ve been looking forward to There’s Someone Inside Your House since it’s announcement. I was excited to see something different from an author who I really love.

And I really, really hate to say that I was underwhelmed.

Now, I think a lot of this has to do with personal preference, (a lot of stuff does, I’m realizing) not how good or bad this book was.

I feel like this story was trying to combine the signature Stephanie Perkins romance, with a slasher story, along with some slasher stereotypes, and it all sort of blended together to make a slush that’s sweet, but has a slightly bitter after taste.

I loved loved the main horror aspects of this book. The build-up to the killings and how those are done was so amazing! How that was done was really cool and really creative and I just really liked it.

The only downside was the characters at those points. I didn’t feel them. It felt like some much went into the setting and the set up of these scenes and then I was just sort of left with a blank slate with these characters, which was disappointing.

I didn’t really like the characters in this book. I didn’t enjoy their story and I wasn’t really completely invested; things with the horror stereotypes that rubbed me the wrong way. They just didn’t feel all the way there to me.

All in all, I think this book is right for you if you think it is. I would recommenced it to horror fans and warn the others that it might not sit well with them. But, I am curious to see what Stephanie Perkins has up her horror sleeve for the future.

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