Supernatural: Some (Mostly Negative) Thoughts

I wrote a post about Supernatural awhile ago. I thought I had talked about all my thoughts and feelings regarding the show, but with the show ending, new feelings have come up. I’ve found that I want to talk about a lot more haha. A lot of them are going to be negative. I also might throw some random spoilers in there, so just a warning! Also, these are just my personal thoughts and feelings. Continue reading “Supernatural: Some (Mostly Negative) Thoughts”


Shows I Haven’t Finished

I guess it is just show weekend here! So while I enjoy watching TV shows, I often find myself bored. It’s hard for me to stay invested with the plot and I simply lose interest. In the first few episodes, I could think it is one of the best things ever to grace my screen, but then after a few episodes, I just can’t seem to bring myself to keep watching. And some of them start of great and then just fall apart. I’ve decided to compile a list of shows that I’ve started, had some level of interest in, and then never finished.

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