Backlist Books I Hope To Read In The New Year

So, I wanted to more holiday posts and I think this sort of counts? New Years is a holiday right? I’m counting it! I due tend to get distracted by good books that come my way and lot of times, I’ll push back reading something for… a long time. Though, recently I’ve been wanting to read some more backlist books and they have been catching my attention! I say I want to read this in the new year, mostly because I don’t think I’ll be getting to them before then, with the exception of one or two. Who knows though, haha.

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What I Want To Read In December

WHAT. It’s December (and I’m getting this post out on the first day haha) and it’s blowing my mind just a little bit. I turn 18 this month which is adding to the fact that I can’t quite wrap my head around  the knowledge that’s it actually December. Anyway, there are books I’d like to plan to read this month, so let’s talk about that and not the fact that 2019 is going to be next month.

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Adult Books I Want To Read

I tend to read firmly in the YA category, but I do like to venture into the world of adult books from time to time. I don’t see too big of a difference between the two other than the writing. I’m not quite sure how to explain it but writing in adult books seem… heavier for some reason? I dunno, the writing just seems vastly different to me. Anyway, there are a few adult books on my shelf, plus some not on my shelf, that I would like to get to at some point so I thought I’d round a few up!

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What I Want To Read In November

Whelp, I’m not quite sure how it’s November already. And look at me, making sure this post goes up on the first of the month! It’s wild all around haha. Once again, my reading schedule is really up to chance. There are a few books that I would love to get into that are sitting on my shelf and then there are some new releases I can’t wait to get to! It’ll be interesting to see where my mood takes me.

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