Books I Can’t Wait To Read, But Don’t Own Yet

Since there so many books come out all the time and I haven’t perfected my art of reading by osmosis, there are a few books I really want to read that aren’t even on my shelf yet! For this post, I’m sticking to already released books. Upcoming 2019s I’m looking forward will have it’s separate space in the future!

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How I Organize My Shelves

I love seeing people’s shelves no matter how big or small, I always love looking at them. I find it so interesting to see how their organized, which books they have on display, and what kind of books they have! I think I have one of the most complicated, really no reason to it, ways of organizing, so I decided to throw myself a curve ball and try and make myself explain it! I hope this makes some sort of sense! I was going to include full pictures, but the quality got destroyed no matter what I did, so that idea went out the window. I still wanted to do this post, so it’s just going to be more talking and less pictures! Continue reading “How I Organize My Shelves”