Childhood Series I Didn’t Finish

It’s part 2 of my series series! (Admit it, the name is growing on you haha.) In this part, I’m going to be talking about all the series I read when I was younger, 9-11ish (heavy on the ish), and never ended up finishing. I read most of these in that awkward phase where I wasn’t juuuuuuust ready for YA, but was definitely starting to get there. That made me move on from these books by the time the sequels came out. And some of these I just didn’t finish because I didn’t like them.

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Books I Loved As A Kid

I’ve liked books for pretty much my whole life. I haven’t loved them with a passion for my entire life, but I’ve always been reading. Today, I’ve decided to put together a few of the books I loved when I was younger! I’m taking a guess that I was 8-11ish when I read these, so I’m omitting Harry Potter and Percy Jackson since those are obvious choices and read those in my tween years!

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