Spooky Books I Haven’t Read, But Want To

Halloween is right around the corner, and since I’ve found that I really enjoy writing Halloweeney type posts! I don’t do a whole lot for Halloween, so this is a great way for me to experience it, but not be too involved haha. Plus, I’ve found that there are a ton of scary/spooky/creepy books that I want to read, so why not make a post about them!

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Characters I’d Love To Be For Halloween

Look at me, putting out all these awesome Halloween posts. I’ve never loved dressing up. I love the idea of it, but the actual execution always fell flat for me. It doesn’t stop me from imaging all the cool costumes I could have and I love seeing other people’s book character related costumes! Here are some book characters that I would love to dress up if I actually dressed up haha.

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Spooky Books I’ve Heard Great Things About

Look at me, getting into the Halloween spirit! I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween, the parties and even trick-or-treating is really over simulating for me, but I’ve noticed that I like to enjoy it from afar. I love all the memes and how excited everybody gets over it! So today I decided list some spooky books I’ve heard amazing things about. I don’t read scary books too often, but a few that I have read and loved will probably make an appearance!

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