What I Want To Read In October

Ahhh, it’s October! It’s almost Halloween, fall is upon us, and the holidays are right around the corner. I honestly don’t know how it’s already October, but I do know that I want to read books this month. Woo, nice segway Chloe. This month’s reading is a little awkward cause I don’t quite know what books I’m going to come across. Nevertheless, I do have a few I would love to get to this month!

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How I Organize My Shelves

I love seeing people’s shelves no matter how big or small, I always love looking at them. I find it so interesting to see how their organized, which books they have on display, and what kind of books they have! I think I have one of the most complicated, really no reason to it, ways of organizing, so I decided to throw myself a curve ball and try and make myself explain it! I hope this makes some sort of sense! I was going to include full pictures, but the quality got destroyed no matter what I did, so that idea went out the window. I still wanted to do this post, so it’s just going to be more talking and less pictures! Continue reading “How I Organize My Shelves”


Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett

*Spoiler free*

After an awkward first encounter, Birdie and Daniel are forced to work together in a Seattle hotel where a famous author leads a mysterious and secluded life in this romantic contemporary novel from the author of Alex, Approximately. Mystery-book aficionado Birdie Lindberg has an overactive imagination. Raised in isolation and homeschooled by strict grandparents, she’s cultivated a whimsical fantasy life in which she plays the heroic detective and every stranger is a suspect. But her solitary world expands when she takes a job the summer before college, working the graveyard shift at a historic Seattle hotel. In her new job, Birdie hopes to blossom from introverted dreamer to brave pioneer, and gregarious Daniel Aoki volunteers to be her guide. The hotel’s charismatic young van driver shares the same nocturnal shift and patronizes the waterfront Moonlight Diner where she waits for the early morning ferry after work. Daniel also shares her appetite for intrigue, and he’s stumbled upon a real-life mystery: a famous reclusive writer—never before seen in public—might be secretly meeting someone at the hotel. To uncover the writer’s puzzling identity, Birdie must come out of her shell…discovering that most confounding mystery of all may be her growing feelings for the elusive riddle that is Daniel

I guess you could I mildly like mysteries? I’m one to get in impatient and just want to know what all the answers are. But this one, from an author who rights amazing contemporaries, a character who seemed just like me, and some good old fashioned fluff, I knew I wanted to devour this thing whole. Trigger warning: There is talk about a suicide attempt and it is talked about a good amount.

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