Blogging Anxieties

Recently, I’ve reached out to a few authors about features on my blog. (Yeah, watch out for some cool posts coming up!) It’s really awesome and while I love doing it, it kinda terrifies me a lot. So, I thought I’d make a post talking about and maybe slip some advice in there. And I also thought about making this a series, since there will probably always be aspects of blogging that freak me out. And I’m sure other people might feel the same way?

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How I Post So Much

I thought I wasn’t going to get around to this post for awhile, but here we are. I am able to post pretty much everyday. It’s due to a lot of factors and I wanted to highlight how I am able to make time and stay motivated to put out so much content. Another point I would like to make is that no matter how much you post, you’re still a book blogger and an awesome one at that. Putting together posts is hard work and everybody works differently. Your limit could be one a week, while somebody else’s is 10. You’re just as valid and awesome if you do one post a week.

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