Supernatural: Some (Mostly Negative) Thoughts

I wrote a post about Supernatural awhile ago. I thought I had talked about all my thoughts and feelings regarding the show, but with the show ending, new feelings have come up. I’ve found that I want to talk about a lot more haha. A lot of them are going to be negative. I also might throw some random spoilers in there, so just a warning! Also, these are just my personal thoughts and feelings. Continue reading “Supernatural: Some (Mostly Negative) Thoughts”


Why I Love Angry Female Characters

I didn’t use to like angry female characters. They usually tend to be “unlikable”, and they always got on my nerves. I wanted to focus more on the plot, than on the emotional development. I couldn’t connect to the emotional piece as much as I can now. Since then, I’ve grown to love them and have started to seek out books where the girls are the angriest. Continue reading “Why I Love Angry Female Characters”


Happy Pride, From Me To You

Happy Pride! For me, this is the second Pride that I’ve really felt apart of. Before that, it’s always been kind of in the background for me. I just wasn’t as aware as I am now. It’s also the second Pride since I’ve realized I’m queer. So, I decided to talk about it a bit and how the bookish community has helped me. I always get a bit nervous when talking about this, even though I feel so much more secure in my identity. I’m not quite sure exactly what this post will end up being, but I know I want to write it.

Continue reading “Happy Pride, From Me To You”