Adult Books I Want To Read

I tend to read firmly in the YA category, but I do like to venture into the world of adult books from time to time. I don’t see too big of a difference between the two other than the writing. I’m not quite sure how to explain it but writing in adult books seem… heavier for some reason? I dunno, the writing just seems vastly different to me. Anyway, there are a few adult books on my shelf, plus some not on my shelf, that I would like to get to at some point so I thought I’d round a few up!

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My Problems With Riverdale

Oh yeah, I’m talking about Riverdale. I kind of wanted to do a post about how teens are presented in TV shows and movies. About how people in their 20s are more likely to play a teenage role than actual teenager. But a lot of my feelings towards that stems from Riverdale. And I thought it would be fun to just rip on the show a little bit. These are just my personal opinions and it’s great if you like the show! I can see how it can be fun to watch!

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