Covers With People On Them

Until a bit ago, I wasn’t a huge fan of real people on covers Either illustrated or an actual model. All the ones I had seen weren’t great and it turned me off of them for awhile. Recently though, there has been an influx of super awesome covers with real people on them. So, I decided it would it be cool to show off some of the covers and behold in their newfound beauty.

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Blog Ideas And How I Come Up With Them

I was thinking the other day for ideas for blog posts and I couldn’t quite come up with anything. And as I worried about having nothing to put together, I thought it would be funny if I just wrote about having no ideas. I thought about it some more and I realized that talking about having no ideas, how I work around having no ideas, and how I come up with new ideas would actually work pretty well!

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Colsten Can’t Wait: If I’m Being Honest by Emily Wibberle and Austin Siegemund-Broka










Welcome to Colsten Can’t Wait, which is my veirson of Waiting On Wednesday! Every week, my cat and I pick out an upcoming book that we can’t wait to read and highlight it! This week, we picked out If I’m Being Honest!

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Middle Grade Books I’d Like To Buddy Read With My Sister

My younger sister isn’t as big of a reader as I am, but she is at the age where is starting to read books that I remember reading and loving and books that I wouldn’t mind rereading! So, I thought it’d be fun if we read some books together and we could review them together here. I haven’t quiet put this plan in motion yet, but I still want to brainstorm some ideas of books I’d like to get to!

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