A Conspiracy Of Stars by Olivia A. Cole

*Spoiler free*

Octavia has only ever had one goal: to follow in the footsteps of her parents and become a prestigious whitecoat, one of the scientists who study the natural wonders of Faloiv. The secrets of the jungle’s exotic plants and animals are protected fiercely in the labs by the Council of N’Terra, so when the rules suddenly change, allowing students inside, Octavia should be overjoyed. But something isn’t right. The newly elected leader of the Council has some extremist views about the way he believes N’Terra should be run, and he’s influencing others to follow him. When Octavia witnesses one of the Faloii—the indigenous people of Faloiv—attacked in front of her in the dark of night, she knows the Council is hiding something. They are living in separate worlds on a shared planet, and their fragile peace may soon turn into an all-out war. With the help of Rondo, a quiet boy in class with a skill for hacking, and her inquisitive best friend, Alma, Octavia is set on a collision course to discover the secrets behind the history she’s been taught, the science she’s lived by, and the truth about her family.

I discovered this book by the cover of the sequel. Yes, I know that’s weird, but sequel cover just has something about it that draws me in. So, of course I wanted to check out the first book. On top of that, one of my friends absolutely raves about this book, and I trust her judgment. And it’s about a girl wanting to follow in her parents footsteps: become a scientist and discover more about the planet she lives on. A planet full of exotic plans and animals. But, people in charge have dangerous ideas about how the world should run. And those ideas turn into dangerous actions. It sounded incredible intriguing and I was eager to see what it was all about!

This book was certainly incredibly interesting and intriguing. I might not have fell head over heels for it, but there are parts of it that I really loved.

I’m starting off with what I loved the most, the animals. Oh, those guys are SO COOL. Really, if I was a scientist on N’Terra, I’d just want to pet all the animals and probably get my harm bitten off. It’d be worth it though. Cause these animals are truly gorgeous and so, so beautiful. I think I loved them as much as Octavia did and I loved watching and learning more about them with her.

Along with the animals, I am also a huge fan of this book’s world, and the politics that make this book what it is. It’s not a strong enough word to encompass everything that this world is, but it’s just downright interesting. From the plants to the animals to the climate. This book also brings up such important conversations regarding colonialism, the hunger humans have to be “the best” or in charge or what the believe is their right to dominate. This book has a core message that it wants to get across, and it does it very, very well.

I was also a huge fan of the characters! I loved Octavia and Rondo and Alma. I even liked something the side characters, though I’m still waiting to see how certain ones turn out. Every single character has this urge to learn, to make their world better than it is now.

I’m not sure where to pinpoint why I didn’t absolutely love this book. Perhaps I felt like there were certain plot points were too obvious or maybe I felt like the plot could have been tighter or maybe I felt like there were a lot of plot points that happened very quickly and could have been delved more deeply into. Because this is in no way a terrible book. I liked it; the animals and the politics and the world and the characters were all amazing. I loved how this world slowly expanded and became something gorgeous. I guess it just wasn’t one I didn’t fall totally in love with!

Nevertheless, this is a book that is very good! It’s amazingly written and the ANIMALS. Seriously, if you read it for the animals, that’s enough!

You can add A Conspiracy Of Stars on Goodreads and order a copy of your own!

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