#RockyRecommends: A Sendoff

TW: pet death

I know I haven’t done this series in awhile. Really, life got in the way. I always planned to come back to it, because it truly was one of my favorite series (and I love featuring my cats here haha). But, Rocky had to be put down. This is the second pet my family has lost this year and it just, sucks.

We noticed he was skinnier than normal, so we decided to investigate (there’s a whole bad experience vet story here, but I’m going save that for another time). He had a whole host of internal problems. It was a lot of technical vet speak, but the gist of it was that his gallbladder was filled with sludgy stuff and one of his kidneys was smaller than normal. His other kidney was enlarged, and there was a mass on it that with his age (14 years old, he was an old man!) and his symptoms, was almost certainly cancer. My family and I discussed, and with the advice of the vet, we decided it would be best to put him down. The vet said she thought we were making the right decision too, and with how well she handled Rocky, I trust her.

Really, I’m heartbroken. He was such a good baby (yes, he was 14, but he was still a baby), and I miss him a lot. With this being the second pet loss this year, it just sucks.

As for why I’m posting this, I just thought it would be nice to have a little sendoff for him here, since he was a big part of my blog. So, yeah. Thank you for loving the series and Rocky. We always loved putting it together.

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