Things I Want To See More Of In Books

I’ve been thinking about the books I read and the things I like to see. That got me thinking about the certain aspects that I’ve found are few and far between, but I would like to see more of. I thought it would be cool to talk about! I feel like there’s always room for more in publishing (expect for problematic stuff of course). People think it’s full/filling up, but I like to like that it can expand to any rate. Sure, changes might need to be made, but I think books have the capacity to hold whatever the world needs them to.

Non-binary characters.

Alright, to kick us off we’re going with non-binary characters! Trans characters too! I recently came out as kind of enby on Twitter, so I guess I’m doing that here now haha. I slide between female and no gender, so I’m cool with she/they pronouns and the term non-binary! Anyway, I’ve read one book with an enby main character. I’ve read a few with enby side characters. In all of them, those characters touched my soul in a way I didn’t think was possible. I would absolutely love to read more books with these characters. I know so many people would be able to see themselves in them and I’m so glad more of these stories are popping up.

Real people on covers.

I honestly never thought I would say this. In years past, these types of covers weren’t usually done to their fullest potential. But, so many good covers with real people on them have been released lately. I would love to see more real-looking things on covers too! I dunno, I just think they’re really cool and really awesome if done right!


I’m a huge fan of tropes. I love so many. There are a few I don’t prefer, but I think I want to take a chance on a few to see if I can find one I like. Everybody has their own take on tropes and I personally don’t like they can be overdone. There’s always new takes and people who haven’t gotten to tell their stories yet. So yes, tons of tropes!


This is an obvious one for me. Diversity isn’t a trend and I can’t wait for more and more marginalized people’s stories to be told.


I want more hugs of all kind. Platonic hugs and romantic hugs. Hugs are such a great way to show love, if you like them, and I’d love to see more characters hug each other. It could make scenes so much sweeter and I think hugging is such an intimate thing and it could add such depth to characters. Yes, awkward hugs and loving hugs and just all types of hugs.


And that’s all I can come up with at the moment, though I’m sure there’s more! What are some of the things you want more of in books? I’d love to hear them! And then try to find all the books with them cause they’re amazing and I want to read them.

Thank you for reading!

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