The Productivity Book Tag

I thought maybe doing a tag about productivity would help it bleed into my everyday life. Here’s to hoping that works! Still, this tag seems like it would be really fun to do! The original creator of this tag is Sam @ FictionallySam!

Planning | A book that is completely thought out

I feel like it’s cheating if I say Descendant Of The Crane since I talk about the one so much. So, I picking This Mortal Coil. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like to plan out this story and to keep everything in your head. There are twists upon twits, information that is being withheld, and I didn’t know what was doing to happen next. It was really, really well thought out.

Focus | A book that kept your undivided attention

The Luminous Dead. I read this book in drips and drabs, but it still kept my attention even when I wasn’t reading it. I was able to completely invested in the story when I was reading it and even when I wasn’t!

Delegating | A book that should have been a series

Hmmm, I’m not sure about this one! There are a few that I think have series potential or ones where I would like to know more about the world (Descendant Of The Crane, Warrior Of The Wild), but I feel like there are always good reasons for why it was a standalone or it stopped after a certain number of books.

Small goals | Name a book below 150 pages that you loved

Love is a very strong word for this book, but I’m picking Animal Farm. I am only picking this one because I think it’s one of the only books I’ve read that meets this page length haha. I enjoyed it, but I read it for school and since I’m stubborn, I have a hard time saying I loved it.

Peak Hours | A series you could only read at a certain time

I think this applies to a lot of series that I’ve read! I don’t love to read a series straight through, if the books are out, since it’s sort of a shock when I finish and start another book. Everything is just so different! I know I stopped in between books for Caraval and This Mortal Coil. I plan to read the other books, I just usually don’t do it all at once!

Lists | A book that you finally crossed off your TBR

*laughs in my list is so long*

Proactive | A book that is/was ahead of its time

I, uh, have no idea.

Declutter | A series you wish you could unread

I can’t believe I’m putting two school books in this post, but I hated Brave New World enough that I’m putting it here. Not exactly a series, but my hatred burns bright enough.

Multi-tasking | books that you read at the same time

I don’t remember the exact books I read at the same time, but I’ve started to read on the treadmill. So, that’s two books I’m usually reading at the same time haha.


This tag was fun! Talking about productivity is a lot more fun than being productive most of the time.

Thank you for reading!

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