How To Come Up With Interview Questions: The Steps After Panic

I’ve actually done some interviews with authors and I still have a hard time believing it. I still consider myself a baby blogger, so that they agreed to come onto my blog to talk about their book is mind blowing. That said, I found it really, really nervewracking trying to come up with questions. I don’t think I’m a expert, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try and share what I do know!


This is a natural first step! I’ve felt panic pretty much every single time I’ve sat down and tried to come up with questions. So, I’m here to tell you: You rock and you’re questions are going to be awesome! You’re going to great! And if you’ve already come up with questions, I’m sure they are absolutely fantastic!

Stare At The Wall

This is just my personal method. I stare off into space and just let my brain work through options.

What Are You Curious About?

What do you want to know! It could be about anything, their book, their writing process, what it’s like being a debut (if they are a debut!).

Think About The Book

I’ve found that thinking about the book and super small aspects of it help me come up with questions. Even the smallest thing can get your brain going on the path to coming up with something you want to ask!

Don’t Be Afraid To Cycle Through “Dumb” Options

When you’re trying to string together a question, don’t be afraid to sound dumb. I know that’s easier said than done. It’s something I struggle with. The piece of a so called “dumb” question could lead to one you think is really good! For me, I’ve found I just have to start stringing together questions and see what I think sounds good.

Look At Other Interviews From Other Blogs

I wouldn’t completely take a question from someone else’s blog and use it, but looking at other interviews can bring some inspiration! It can set you the right path and you figure out what types of questions you want to ask!

Reuse Questions

If you come up with a neutral question that you really like, definitely reuse it! Everybody will have different answers!


After you’ve written your questions and drafted the email, just hit send! I know I agonize over every word and then I just have to hit send like the button is one fire. So: Hit send! You’re questions are amazing and you’re post is going to be fantastic!


I’m not sure if this is going to be helpful or not, but if you think interview questions are hard, you are definitely not alone! I think we’re all just staring at the wall, our brains working overtime trying to come up with good questions haha.

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