Has Reviewing Changed How I Read

I recently saw a post that was about when they start thinking about what rating to give a book. It got me thinking about when I decide and how I review and how I might read books differently now that I review them. I don’t know if it’s changed drastically, but I thought it would be cool to talk about.

I try to review pretty much every book I read, simply because I reviews are one of my favorite posts to do! I’m also a slower reader, so even though I enjoy reviews, I simply don’t have enough books read at once to post a ton of reviews haha. I don’t write DNF reviews, yet. I’ve thought about doing it, but I haven’t had enough to say over a DNF yet. Alright, I kind of got off track, but I enjoy reviews!

I’ve noticed that I start thinking about my review pretty early on when I start a new book. I’ll think of the dialogue, the characters, the plot, the writing, in a way where I’m thinking about what I want to say about them. Sometimes I’ll even put together a paragraph or two in review form. In my head, so when I go to write it, it’s a lot less elegant and I get frustrated haha.

Since I’ve started getting into ARCs, I have felt a bit more pressure to keep up with them. I requested them, either from an e-ARC site, sometimes directly from the publisher, and even if I get them trough trades, I feel a kind of obligation to review them. I want to help promote them. I enjoy it. I’ve started to feel a bit worse about a few books falling through the cracks. I know that it happens and I know that it’s alright, since it is! I guess I just wish I could have gotten to them.

I think I might have started to view books a bit more critically since I’ve started reviewing. I don’t think it’s a huge thing, but I do think it’s happened. When I’m reading, in the back of my head, I am thinking about what I could say about it and what I think is worth mentioning.

Honestly, I think I only read a little bit differently now that I review. So, I know it’s weird that I made a whole blog post about it, but I think it’s cool to think about. And if you’re comfortable, I’d love to hear if reviewing has changed how you read! I don’t know if it will change as I continue blogging, or if it will just stay them same. I guess I just really enjoy sharing my thoughts about books and reading about what other people thought about the books they read!

Thank you for reading!

3 thoughts on “Has Reviewing Changed How I Read

  1. I think reviewing books has made me a more thoughtful reader. Instead of just whizzing through books it really lets me take my time and think about what I actually took from it. Critical thinking also helps my own writing as I hope to be published someday!

    Rachel || htpt://anotherstationanothermile.com


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