Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Think Twice Before Letting People Touch


Oh, this is such an interesting prompt. It really depends on my mood how I feel about people touching certain books. And when I say people, I’m really talking about my mom because she’s the only one who would want to touch them haha. But, I do let some of my friends borrow some books sometimes! I’m not sure if I have any that are completely off limits to everybody, but who knows.

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire UK Special/First Edition

I found this one kind of randomly and I think it’s pretty cool to have! Plus, I think it looks pretty on my shelf.

ARCs I Keep

(I’m going to be more general since I think that will be more interesting!) I trade ARCs a good amount and to try and keep away from ARC fever, I only keep the ones I absolutely adore. So, not a lot of people touch them haha.

Signed Books

When I think of signed books, I can’t get over that the author TOUCHED it and SIGNED it. And if it’s personalized they wrote my name! Sometimes I don’t even want to touch them and want to just put them on my shelves.

Books With Sprayed Edges

I think I only have two books that had their edges sprayed professionally (I do my own sometimes!), and I feel like if they are touched too much it will ruin it. That is probably not true at all and I’m sure once I get used to sprayed edges a bit more, I won’t feel as weird about ruining the edges.

Books I Adore

I adore them, so I have a hard time letting anyone touch them. I liked them so much, I don’t want the book to magically get ruined in split second when it’s passing between hands.

Books With Glossy Covers

Fingerprints. I don’t really want the book to be covered in fingerprints, even mine!


I, uh, did not get nowhere close to ten. I still think this prompt is really interesting though! I used to not want anyone to touch any of my books, but I’ve become more easygoing about it. I don’t why, I guess I just don’t mind as much. Plus, I think it’s cool to show them off and if one of my friends is borrowing it, I can push my love for it onto them and I know they’ll read it!

Thank you for reading!

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