Blogging Difficulties

I thought it would be a cool idea to talk about the things I find difficult about blogging. I don’t really know why haha. I don’t know if I blogging looks easy for me, but I thought it’d be a good idea to talk about things I’m working on and areas I’d like to improve upon.

Introductions and conclusions

I always want to literally just say “hi” in the beginning and just say “bye” at the end. I never know how to introduce or close out a post smoothly! I personally don’t want to use the same introduction every time, for every post, but I always struggle with what to say!


I don’t have any graphic design experience. Part of the reason I got into photography was because I didn’t know how to make pretty graphics haha. I am learning a lot more though and I’m enjoying it! It’s hard and a good portion of them take me a long time to put together. Plus, I think they look a little clunky, but I’ll get better with practice.

Being personable

How I write and how I talk through writing, I feel is very precise. I feel like I can come off a little robotic sometimes and I don’t always know what to say when responding to comments to emphasize how much I appreciate what someone is saying. This could just be me haha, but I do want to be more, open in a sense.

Writing long posts

My posts tend to be short and sweet. That’s my style and the type that I prefer writing! I would like to write longer ones here and there, but I never quite know what to say and I tend to get tired when trying to put them together.


It’s so easy to look at other bloggers blogs and posts and see how amazing they are and feel subpar. (This isn’t anything against any other bloggers, they’re all amazing!) I don’t want to just not look, cause I want to read their content, learn, and grow! I need to keep in mind that just because their blog looks awesome, doesn’t mean mine is any less.

And here we are at a conclusion haha. If you feel comfortable sharing, I’d love to hear if you relate or what you find difficult! I’m sure I’ll feel similarly haha.

Thank you for reading!

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