Descendant Of The Crane Characters As Pusheens

I’m already laughing. Alright, the author of Descendant Of The Crane, Joan, loves Pusheens. So, I thought it would be a good idea to match some of her characters to Pusheens that represents them!










I just feel like Hesina could use a hug. Plus, she’s always wrapped in the arms of decept- yeah that’s a bit much haha.



Sanjing is fearsome and angry, but he can’t help but be adorable.



I was torn between long haired Pusheen and dargon Pusheen. Akira’s hair is pretty shaggy and matches long haired Pusheen well, but I just feel like dragon Pusheen fits him better. He has his rod and is awesome during the trail (a dragon would be awesome in a trial too I think).



Caiyan was hard. He’s a complex character. I decided on the cute and not angry dinosaur Pusheen, since Caiyan is quieter, yet adorable, but he can get the job done when he needs to.



Ah Lilian! She’s so sweet and I love her. I think she would love Pusheen with whipped cream on her head, in a coffee mug, so that’s I choose it haha.

Xia Zhong


I know this Pusheen is super cool and Xia Zhong is not, but I kind of fits. Because, not everybody can pull of this look and I feel like if Xia Zhong tried, he would fail. Plus, I think he thinks he’s super cool and clever.



I chose angry dinosaur Pusheen for Mei. She’s fearsome and will do anything she can to protect the people she cares about.


And those are some Descendant Of The Crane characters as Pusheens! I had to look at so many cute Pusheen plushes and I wanted to buy so many haha. Also, the character artwork was done by Joan He herself, because she is super talented!

Thank you for reading!

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