Top Ten Tuesday: Outrageous/Uncharacteristic Things I’ve Done For The Love Of Books


Another Top Ten Tuesday! This one is going to be hard for me, since I don’t tend to do anything outrageous when it comes to books. So, my answers will probably be pretty mild mannered haha .

Stayed up late to finish a book

This definitely isn’t outrageous to most people, and it’s probably pretty early in comparison, but I am very aware of how tired I am and getting to bed later will effect the next day. So, staying up later than usual is pretty uncharacteristic of me!

Went to Yallfest

This was one of my first big book events. I went back in 2014. I’m an intense introvert and a homebody. I also only went with my dad and not my entire family, so it was pretty different for me! Plus, it was lots of long lines and waiting!

Went to the TFiOS pre-screening in New York

I’m counting this as related to books haha. My dad and I went up to New York on a whim and sat in line for six hours to see TFiOS about a month early.

Went to the City Of Heavenly Fire midnight release in New York

I was younger and it was very late and I was very tired and New York is a lot of sensory overload for me, so this is definitely something I wouldn’t normally do!

Went to The Cursed Child midnight release

This one was at my local bookstore, so I didn’t have to travel to get there. (it would help if I mentioned I live about 2 hours from New York haha) It was a lot of people and it was late at night, and I would usually prefer just to stay at home. But, I was really looking forward to it, so I decided to do it!

Went to BookCon

BookCon is a lot of waiting, a lot of lines, and a lot of people. It’s really fun, though it is a lot.

Went to the Ace Of Shades launch

This one was more local, so it wasn’t a lot of travelling. This is one of my favorite authors and it was one of my first smaller book events, so I was really nervous. I didn’t quite know what to do or what to say when I got my book signed (Can I have her sign my ARC? What time should I get there? Do I have to buy a book there or can I bring the one I have from home? Wow, what if I’m really awkward?)

Went to a Furyborn tour stop

This one was a little further away than the Ace Of Shades launch, but I had more of an idea of what to expect. It’s still pretty unlike me to drive an hour, even if it’s to see one of my favorite authors!

Planning on going to the Descendant Of The Crane Launch

This one is pretty late at night and it’s at the beginning of the week and it’s in New York. But, I adore the book and the author so I’m going to go!

Most of my answers involve going to book events haha. Other than that, I just like to read books and talk about them! I might want to try more outrageous things in the future, who knows!

Thank you for reading!

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