The 20 Questions Book Tag

Time for another tag! My posts tend to be on the smaller side, so it makes a ton of sense to pick a tag with a whole lot of questions. Though, I have read through them and I want to answer some of them, so I’m committing to answering them all! I’m not sure who the original creator of this tag is, but all the credit to them!

How many books are too many in a series?

I don’t really have an opinion on this. I trust however many books the author thinks the series should have, though the publisher usually ends up having the final say. I’m not the biggest fan of series ending and then starting up again a few years later. I like to pretend the characters are all happy haha.

How do you feel about cliff-hangers? 

I love them and hate them! It’s always frustrating to have to wait to find out what happens next, but it’s always awesome to really crave the next book. It’s also a great marketing strategy; more people will pick up the next book since they want to know what happens next!

Hardback or paperback?

Either! I don’t really have a preference, though I do go through phases where I prefer one over the other.

Favorite book?

Um, so many. A short list is the Furyborn series, The Devouring Gray, Heart Of Iron, A Curse So Dark And Lonely, Descendant Of The Crane, and The Shadow Games series.

Least favorite book?

I’m not a fan of Fallen.

Love Triangle… Yes or No?

I’m not sure. I lean towards no a lot, but I think if it’s the right love triangle and it’s done really well,  I could really enjoy it!

The most recent book you couldn’t finish?

Ahh, I’m not sure about this one either! I’m pretty sure it was The Hating Game? I found the writing style to be really weird and it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

A book you’re currently reading?

I’m currently reading Finale, but I’m not going to make any judgements until I’ve finished it. I have started a lot of other books too, but I’m not actively reading them and I haven’t put them down. I just got distracted by something else haha.

The last book you recommended to someone? 

Descendant Of The Crane, which is a surprise to no one.

Oldest book you’ve read (based on publication date)? 

Oh wow, this is a hard one. It was probably something for school, but I don’t remember the exact book. Much Ado About Nothing maybe.

Newest book you’ve read (based on publication date)? 

I’ve started Song Of The Crimson Flower by Julie C. Dao, which comes out November 5th, 2019. I think this counts as newest?

Favorite author?

All the authors of my favorite books! And honestly, any author that is kind earns a spot on my favorite authors list haha.

Buying books or borrowing them?

I get so nervous when borrowing books. I don’t want to ruin them, so I don’t do it too often.

A book you dislike that everyone else loves? 

I’m blanking on this one. I don’t think I have a hatred for a super popular book!

Bookmarks or dog-ears? 

Neither! I tend to stop at chapters, so I mark my progress that way.

A book you can reread over and over?

I’m not too big into rereading, though there are books I’d love to read again. There are just so many books I want to read. I could probably read Harry Potter and Percy Jackson over and over again.

Can you read while listening to music

Nope! I find it too distracting. I’ll get too into the book and miss the music, or I’ll get too into the music and miss the book.

Multiple POVs or one POV? 

Both! I do get more nervous when there are around 4 POVs, since there’s a chance I might dislike one of them and just want to get to the ones I do like. But other than that, it doesn’t stop me from reading a book!

Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days on average? 

I have too short of an attention span to read a whole book in one sitting. It’s more comfortable for me to read it over multiple days!


Whew, this was a lot of questions. It was fun though! They were quick and easy, but insightful. At least I thought so haha.

Thank you for reading!



5 thoughts on “The 20 Questions Book Tag

  1. How interesting that you don’t usually use bookmarks! I just don’t think I’d be able to remember what chapter I ended on, haha. I also get super nervous borrowing books!!

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