The ‘I Should Have Read That Book’ Tag

All the books I want to read are overflowing. I always like making fun of myself for the books I haven’t read yet, that I’ve heard great things about, or even really want to read and just haven’t gotten to it yet. So, this tag is a great option for that haha. It was originally created by BooksNest.co.uk!

A book that a certain friend is always telling you to read

Oh, so many. Any David Arnold books, Summer Bird Blue, Six Of Crows, A Darker Shade Of Magic, Lord Of Shadows, and any A.S. King books. Probably a lot more too.


A book that’s been on your TBR forever and yet you still haven’t picked it up


My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton. Jodi Meadows. I’ve heard so many good things about this one. It sounds funny and a little weird!


A book in a series you’ve started, but haven’t gotten round to finishing yet

Passenger by Alexandra Braken. I read Passenger so long ago and I’ve always meant to read the second book, but I’ve just never gotten around to it. I didn’t adore Passenger, but I did enjoy it. I think I’d like to know how the series ends!


A classic you’ve always liked the sound of, but never actually read

I’m not the biggest fan of classics and I haven’t made that a secret haha. But, Much Ado About Nothing didn’t suck, so I want to try to read some of Shakespeare’s plays!


A popular book that it seems everyone but you has read


The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. I enjoyed Priory Of The Orange Tree and I want to give this one a shot. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but it sounds really interesting with clairvoyants , secret cities, and otherworldly people.


A book that inspired a film/TV adaptation that you really love, but you just haven’t read it yet

Hmmm, I’m not sure! I usually like the book first. But, I haven’t read Dumplin’ yet and I really loved the movie, so I think that fits!


A book you see all over Instagram but haven’t picked up yet

Stalking Jack The Ripper by  Kerri Maniscalco. I’ve seen so many goregous pictures of this book! I’ve been wanting to read it, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Hopefully this is reminder to me to read it soon haha.


This is a great tag for exposing all the books I haven’t read. It’s great.

Thank you for reading!

5 thoughts on “The ‘I Should Have Read That Book’ Tag

  1. Ooh this tag is so much fun! I’ve had My Lady Jane on my TBR for ages too. I haven’t been able to decide if I want to physically read it or listen to the audiobook so I keep putting it off😂 hopefully we can both get around to it soon! Great post!

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  2. You should read stalking Jack the Ripper though!
    And tbh I don’t really recommend Wayfarer.. I enjoyed Passenger as well, but was reslly disappointed in the sequel..


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