Book-To-Screen Adaptations

I’m not quite sure what this post is going to be. I wanted to create a chattier kind of post, but I was struggling with an idea. I’m not the best at being chatty and all my ideas seemed too short or they would probably be too over the place. But, I thought the topic of book-to-screen adaptations would be decent. It will most likely still be a bit all over the place, but that’s alright! Most of my posts are like that already haha.

More books are being made into movies and shows, which is great! I love watching adaptions and there is so many amazing books out there that deserve to be told on screen. I’ve just been noticing that the books that do get adapted seem kind of random? I had never heard of Light As A Feather before the show came out. (Though, that was a wildly popular Wattpad story right?) And then there’s Five Feet Apart which is another chronic illness story with questionable rep. The book is based off the movie, but still.

I would love to know what goes into picking which books get adapted. I know there’s a lot that I don’t see. There are books that I would consider super popular, but maybe that’s just in my circle. I just wish awesome books, with awesome rep, with awesome stories got adapted more. There are so many books that are really big sellers, that would have huge audiences, and if they were done right, would make a lot of money. Again, a lot of it has to do with I know next to nothing about what goes into making a movie haha.

I’d love to see Strange The Dreamer get adapted. It’d make an amazing movie or TV show. The story feels timeless and it has so much going for it. I know a lot of people would throw their support behind it! Though, it’d probably be really expensive to make since there are such big settings and a lot of special effects would need to be used for some of them.

Shadow And Bone/Six Of Crows is finally being brought to the screen! I’m not as excited as most people, only because I read the books so long ago and I’m not the biggest of biggest fan. I am looking forward to seeing how it’s put together though. I think it could get really busy, trying to mesh all those plotlines together. Then again, if it’s done right, it could flow really well and be amazing. It should be interesting to see!

The Kiss Quoitent, The Sun Is Also A Star, and Children Of Blood And Bone are all adaptions I cannot wait to see! I haven’t read TSIAAS yet, but I want too! I’ve read the other two books and loved them and I can’t wait to see their adaptations.

Piggybacking off of what I said about Five Feet Apart, I would love to see a movie made about people with chronic illness that isn’t tragic. I think after all the ones that are, we deserve one that isn’t.

Sawkill Girls is another one that would make an amazing TV series. It’s an amazing book and has so much potential to be adapted. It’s the kind of book, that if it were a TV show, people who haven’t read it, would still love it a whole lot.

In the end, I would just like to see more YA/in general book-to-screen adaptations. There’s a lot of amazing books out there that would be amazing!

Thank you for reading!

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