Captain Marvel: Movie Review

*A few spoilers*


I somehow go into every movie thinking I’m not going to write a review. And then I come out of it with 10 million thoughts and formulating what I want to say. So, here we are and I’m going to talk, (it’s going to be more like gushing) about Captain Marvel!

While so many people seem to love Marvel movies to no end, I’ve only recently begin to enjoy a select few. I’ve actually found a majority of them boring. I know! I guess I always thought they weren’t for me. But, I did enjoy Infinity War and Guardians Of The Galaxy! I also really loved Spiderman: Homecoming! Anyway, I didn’t go into Captain Marvel expecting to love it as much as I did.

I love Carol Danvers. I love her character, I love her strengths, I love her weaknesses, I love her. I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting her to be top notch. I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting her to be so awesome. She is seriously badass. I loved her fight scenes a whole lot. She was also a really well rounded character. She was funny, she was emotional, she was human.

One thing I really appreciate was how smart she was and how easily she adapted to new situations. When she crash landed on Earth, she figured things out so fast? She knew what to do and how to get her job done? It was so awesome? I dunno, I just really loved how she just jumped into a new situation with ease and still be awesome.

Since I haven’t watched all the Marvel movies, I think some of the plot flew over my head. Though, I was still able to appreciate it, but I think it might have made the movie more twisty for me? I don’t know haha.

I also really loved the supporting characters. Her best friend and her daughter. Fury. GOOSE. And pretty much everyone else. This is a small thing, but I thought Goose was done really well. How he moved and the sounds he made were so realistically cat like? Even when he was animated, it was so good! Goose is amazing and it’s amazing that he got his own poster haha.

There were a few parts that made me want to scream “HAHA YES” at the screen. When she stole the motorcycle from the guy who told her to smile. When she told dude “I have nothing to prove to you.” That was one of the best moments in the entire movie. Yes, just shoot him. Yes, don’t listen to him. Yes, you’ve got this. Yes, you don’t have to do anything he says ever again. Just, I really loved it.

This movie was also really funny! I wasn’t expecting for so many good jokes, but a lot of them really stuck the landing!

I can’t wait to see Carol Danvers in Avengers: Endgame and see her save the world and be awesome (I think my whole review is just saying this is awesome over and over again) again! I would love another Captain Marvel movie to be made or another Marvel movie with a female lead, cause this was incredible.

Thank you for reading!

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