The Hedgehog Book Tag!

I love hedgehogs, I love book tags, and I really liked the questions for this one, so it seemed like it would be a good idea to do it haha. This tag was originally created by The Nerdy Hedgehog!

What are your three soft spots in a book?

I’m sure to pick up a book if it has queer characters, kingdoms, or creepy woods!


What do you like to drink while reading a book?

I really only drink water. Not just when I’m reading, but overall. I’ll have some other things here and there, but I really just prefer water haha.


What made you fall in love with a specific book, and which book?

The f/f romance in Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins was absolutely incredible. It was cheesy, full of tropes, and so well done. I’m so happy there are queer love stories like this one out in the world!


What are the three book series you would recommend?

The Shadow Games by Amanda Foody

Song Of The Current by Sarah Tolcser

Heart Of Iron by Ashley Poston


What part of a story do you prefer and why?(For example, dialogue, description, action)

I do enjoy witty banter and lines of dialogue that stick with you or are  part of big reveals. They can be so awesome!


What type of scenes do you prefer? (Minor or major events)

I think there is a certain magic in both. I love the quiet scenes where not much happens, but it’s a moment between two characters. I also love major events where so much is happening you don’t quite know where to focus, but in a good way haha.


What food would you like to try from one of your book series?



What type of character do you love?

All of them. (Expect the problematic ones, they can leave.) I think there is something special in each of type of character and I just love them all!


If you had a pet, from which book series would it be from?

I dunno! I really love my pets and I’ve never thought about which fictional one I would like to have. I would love a little robot from some of the sci-fi series though!


This tag was really fun! They were cute and simple, yet had depth to them. I definitely recommend giving it a shot if you want to!

Thank you for reading!

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