Covers With People On Them

Until a bit ago, I wasn’t a huge fan of real people on covers Either illustrated or an actual model. All the ones I had seen weren’t great and it turned me off of them for awhile. Recently though, there has been an influx of super awesome covers with real people on them. So, I decided it would it be cool to show off some of the covers and behold in their newfound beauty.

Wilder Girls by Rory Power


I do gush about this story a lot, but the cover is something else too. It’s just a little unsettling while being absolutely stunning, just like the book itself. And I think the girl really reflects Hetty and it has an essence of the story in it.


We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Faizal


This one recently got a cover redeisgn and I really, really like it! I am bummed that they creepy forest isn’t on there, but there’s still a lot of awesome stuff. Zafira manages to hold your attention while not being the biggest thing on the cover. And it’s awesome. I feel like this cover gives you a small peak into the world.


American Panda Gloria Chao











This book is super cute and the cover reflects that! I love the hardcopy cover and paperback cover, which is on the rarer side for me! They both showcase Mei and all her adorableness.


If It Makes You Happy by Claire Kann


This book sounds like it has absolutely incredible rep and that it’s going to be so incredibly important to so many people. And I am so, so happy that the cover showcases a fat happy Black girl. It unapologetically is what it is.


Wicked Fox by Kat Cho


This one recently got released and it’s so cool! I haven’t even read it yet, but I feel like the story and the cover are going to have the exact same vibe. It looks like it gives you the feel of the story without actually giving anything away!


It’s still so surprising to me to love a cover with an actual person on it. I was so against them for so long. And now I might actually prefer them, though I do love the abstract approach, it’s awesome to actually see characters now that they are done well!

Thank you for reading!

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