I love rereading books, even though I don’t do it very often. Because of that, I really have to love it a lot to even really consider reading it for a second time. There are so many books I want to get to, that rereads sort of fall on the backburner for me. Though, I thought it’d be fun to talk about the books I do want to reread at some point!

Of course I want to reread the Percy Jackson series. I’ve read the first five books twice, but I don’t remember how many times I’ve read the second five. Maybe twice too? I dunno. But I do know that these books always seem to calm me and the fact that I know they’re amazing is comforting. It would also be interesting to see how my views have changed since growing up a bit! I’m sure I’d still like it, but I might connect with different things this time around. It also might be kind of fun to do a buddy read with my little sister since she’s at the age where she could handle them. Hmmm, that’d be pretty awesome.

I also want to read Harry Potter again. This is another series for me that just brings a sense of comfort. I have read all 7 books twice, but I don’t think I would enjoy them any less a third time around. I would have to make an active effort of remove the mess with J.K. Rowling while reading cause that is just… a hot mess. Though, these books will always hold a special place in my heart.

Vampire Academy is another series I want to read again! I freaking adored this series when I read it 4ish (woah that’s a long time!) ago. I don’t know if I would like it more or less as an older person. I don’t know if my growth will help or hurt my opinions of these books haha. I do want to give it a shot though, cause I did love them that much and if I do enjoy them, then that’s great!

I know I just read this one, but I would actually like to read Descendant of the Crane again. It really is that good, that me, someone who doesn’t reread a lot of books, wants to reread something I just read. Yeah, so PLEASE GO PRE-ORDER YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

I’m not as sure about this one, but I think I would like to give the Starbound (These Broken Stars, This Shattered World, Their Fractured Light) again. I always read these when I was at an emotionally low point and I think that effected my enjoyment of them a little bit. And paired with the fact that they were really heavy sometimes, probably didn’t make for the best reading experience. I think it would be interesting to see my thoughts on this series if I read it again, with a steadier mind.

There’s a short list of some things I’d like to reread! There really aren’t too many on my list, but give me some recommendations of some reread worthy books and I will definily check them out. And I think it would be awesome I reviewed these books if I decided to read them again, so maybe that will be coming in the future!

Thank you for reading!

5 thoughts on “Rereads

  1. Rereading Harry Potter is such an adventure… specially if you read them as a kid and now is a ” adult” lol.
    I think I need to reread Percy Jackson too, it’s been too long and I almost forgot everything.
    But how to reread with so many new books coming out every day?

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  2. I always feel a little guilty when I reread a book since there are still sooooo many I want to read for the first time. I did read the Percy Jackson books for the first time this year though, and I could definitely see how fun it would be to reread them!

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  3. I really want to reread vampire academy as well! The only reason I haven’t done it yet is that I own the books in Dutch, but I want to read them in English.. haha
    Guess I should check if my library has them!


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