Dumplin’: Movie Review

*Minor spoilers I think?*


I was so hoping this was going to be good. I had high hopes for Seirra Burgess is a Loser and they crashed down in a fiery mass. I so wanted to see a happy fat girl on screen. I so wanted to see Will be awesome.

I am so happy to report that I was no disappointed. I haven’t read the book, (I KNOW!), but I plan to and I’m hoping to get a copy soon! So, I won’t be able to comment on how it holds up to the book or how it compares. I’m simply going on how I felt about the movie!

Oh, how I loved it so much. Some scenes resonated with me so much that I actually teared up. You have to make me feel really strongly to tear up at a book or movie. And wow, did I feel stuff strongly. The things Willowdean thought and the things she went through are so similar to my own experiences and I just don’t have the words as to what it means to me to see that part of myself in that way. Wooo, that was a long sentence haha.

I wasn’t expecting to love the side characters as much as I did! Millicent was the purest person ever and I have a huge crush on Hannah. I also really liked El and I liked what she brought to the story.

Some scenes did seem a little awkward and stilted by themselves, but when I think about what they add to the overall movie, they fit well. I think I would have liked to see Bo’s character fleshed out a little bit, but I do understand why he had such a small role. He wasn’t necessary to the overall plot and he wasn’t there to make Will feel better about herself. She had to do that by herself. I also would have liked Aunt Lucy’s relevance to the plot to be stronger? I’m not sure, but I feel like that aspect could’ve been stronger. It’s more like the characters were telling us why it’s important instead of us just seeing and deciding for ourselves.

I love the message that this movies sends. I love that it’s a thing. I love that I can watch it again and again. I love that these characters exist. This movie is so important and I’m glad me and so many other people get the chance to watch. @ Netflix, more movies like Dumplin’ and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before please.

Thank you for reading!

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