#RockyRecommends: Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman


Welcome to #RockyRecommends! Every Friday, my big fluffy cat picks out a book he has read and loved to gush about! This week, he decided to pick Starfish.

Rocky’s Thoughts: Hello I amz Rocky and I amz cat. And yes I do love Starfish. Both the sea one and the book one. I’m not sure which one I like better cause they are both pretty awesome. If you didn’t know I actually am a starfish. Yeah, I hang out in the ocean and can regrow limbs. I’m pretty awesome but you knew that already. Anyway, the book Starfish was very good. It think it might even be more awesome than regrowing limbs and that’s pretty awesome. I really, really loved Kiko’s character. It was very very cool to see her grow throughout the book and see her story progress. I love her very much and would very much like pets from her. That’d be awesome. I would love to see one of Kiko’s drawings. She’s an artist and creates AWESOME art. She is very talented and I can’t wait until she becomes the most famous artist ever. Look out for her. This book did have some sad parts in it, but it made it a really strong story. This isn’t like any other book I have read and it was really cool to read. I know this author has another book out and I am going to read that soon! Thank you and of course 5 out 5 purrs.

You can add Starfish on Goodreads and order a copy of your own! Rocky and I hope you enjoyed this week’s recommendation!

Thank you for reading!

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