Uncompleted Series I Hope Remain Amazing

Oh yeah, welcome to the tentative final post of my series series! I have an inkling of another idea, but I’m not sure if I have enough series to fill it up. So, there might be an encore sometime in the future! For today, I’m talking about all the unfinished (either unpublished or I just haven’t finished it yet) series that I hope remain as amazing as the first book(s)! This is basically another favorites list with a twist on it!

 Legacy of Orïsha by Tomi Adeyemi


The first book in this trilogy has me hooked. I haven’t read a book so expansive, so epic, and so amazing in so long. They people who are calling Tomi the new JK Rowling are completely correct. Her writing is has the same easy quality and her stories are something to behold. I cannot wait for Children of Virtue and Vengeance (and the third book!)!

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The Shadow Game by Amanda Foody

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Another book that completely captivated me! I’ve never been into Vegas-like books with all the casinos and gambling, but this book worked for me. The magic system is so subtle, which is so different from seemingly everything haha. Everything seems so well rounded and thought out. It should be interesting to see where this story goes and I’m hoping I love the second and third book as much as I loved the first!

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Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston

HeartOfIron                                      33299465

Wow, huge surprise this is one my list. I loved Heart of Iron so much. And the cover for Soul of Stars was finally revealed and it’s incredibly! I don’t know how I’m going to like the sequel or where the story is going to go, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

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Song of the Current by Sarah Tolcser

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This is one that the second, and final, book is out! And actually sitting on my shelf. I just haven’t gotten around to it! I’ve gushed about how much I love this setting a lot and while I think it’s going to be really different in the second book, I’m looking forward to getting a better look at the world. I think that’s where the story is going, but I could be wrong. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to be back in this world!

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The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman


Yes, this book doesn’t have a US cover. And yes it isn’t even released yet. But yes I am still putting it here!!! I’ve read the first book and absolutely loved it and was looking forward to the sequel, but I learned that POVs were going to be different and I think that is going to make this series something special. I think its going to blur the line of what good and bad is. Its going to raise the question of family ties and a sense of duty. I think its going to do so many good things and I can’t wait to read it. I say as the first book doesn’t come out for 5ish months haha.

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And that’s the somewhat finale of my series series! I’m looking forward to these books and hope they hold up to the first book(s)!

Thank you for reading!

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