This Or That Book Tag, Again!


Welcome to the This or That Book Tag once again! I did this tag a few months ago and while searching for another tag to do I stumbled across this one with completely different questions than the ones I answered. (Are the answers supposed to change each time? Like the person tagged is supposed to come with their own questions? Who knows so I’ll just charge ahead haha!) So, I’m doing it again since I like these questions and it was fun last time!

Series or standalone?

Uhhh, I’m not sure. I love series, but the wait can be awful sometimes and if I read multiple in a row it can be hard to get into another book afterwards. I love standalones since I know I will get colsure at the end of the book and I think it’s something amazing to fit an entire world into a single book. I do love series and spending so much time in a world that I love.

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Magic-born or magic-earned?

I think there’s something special about both! You get a really good look at the magical elements if the character if magic-born how they use it. And you get to see how the magic-earned character earned it and how they handle their new powers.

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Enemies-to-lovers or friends-to-lovers?

I love both of these, but they have to be well done. I find it so easy to mess both of these up, which gets cringey and turns me away. But I will jump on any book that has the chance for either of these!

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Hilarious banter or emotional ruin?

Hilarious banter for sure! I don’t love super sad and emotional books. I tend to be very sarcastic and good banter between characters cracks me up.

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Love triangle or insta-love?

Neither! I do not like either of these!

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Keyboard smash names or all names start with the same letter?

Keyboard smash for sure! I think it would just irritate me if all the names started with the same letter!

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Mean parents or dead parents?

I have no idea. I actually don’t pay too much attention to parents in books unless they are positive. I sort of just take the use of it as a plot device and that’s it.

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Supermodel looks or constantly says how ‘plain’ they are?

I like when characters own their looks and use it to their advantage.

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Face on cover vs. typography on cover?

I have been SUCH GOOD COVERS with both of these recently. But I would say its easier to mess up a face on a cover than typography.

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Villain turning a little good or hero turning a little bad?

Most of the time I like my villains to be bad all the way through. It’s easier for me to sort out in my head. Though I do like the hero turning a little bad can add something to the story!

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Best friend dies or love interest dies?

I’m not quite sure how to answer this. Best friends die in books all the time and when love interests die its usually for shock value. I would say love interest, but it would have to be done well and be for something other than shock value.

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Awesome writing with dull plot or amazing plot with murderously bad writing?

I feel like I have put down books for both of these reasons haha. But I think I will take amazing plot with bad writing since plot tends to hold my attention more than the writing.

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Cliffhanger ending or heart-breaking ending?

Cliffhanger ending since there I know there will be something more!

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Breaking the spine or dog-earing the pages?

Dog-earing the pages. I find spins (of books) so pretty and I wouldn’t like to break them.

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Bad boy trope or perfect golden boy trope as love interest?

I am drawn in by and love both.

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That was the This or That Tag again! I hope you liked reading all my new answers and didn’t mind the kind of repeat tag haha.

Thank you for reading!



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