What I Would Change In My Least Favorite Books

I find it really fun to discuss my least favorite books. I think it’s fun to read negative thoughts sometimes and see people’s variety of opinions. But instead of just explaining why I didn’t like a book, I’m going to try and see if there are things I would change or want to change that would make the book better in my opinion!



My dislike and distaste of this book is no secret. I think it’s one of if not the first books I pretty much hated. If I was doing this in the year it came out, 2009, I think everything would only have to be shifted a little bit. Rework the plot, flesh out the characters a bit and you’re good to go. But, now I would throw pretty much everything away. Keep the main villain, which are shadow things,  and the fallen angle idea and then build from there. I feel like there is an inkling of a good story here, it would just take a lot of work to find it.

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It’s weird that one of my least favorite books is by the same author who wrote one of my favorites! Anyway, I never finished this one so I’m just going off about 100 pages. I think I would play with the time it takes place. It feels very 1900s ish though I can’t remember exactly when it takes place. I would loosen that up a little and maybe even add some modern twists to it. I think this was going for a girl owning her sexuality, but it came across as really weird to me. I would rework the whole statue thing cause that… could be something really cool, but it ended up being one of the main reasons I stopped reading. I can’t say anything about the darker side of the Nutcracker tale cause I didn’t get to that part, but I think it would be really fun to play around with!

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A Blade So Black


I think this one has a lot of potential and I’m actually really hopeful that book 2 could pull it off! This book is such a good idea, I just didn’t love it. There was too many events that didn’t happen. There was a rise of tension, but things just ended up working out. Which is a cool, different thing, but it happened way to much. I would add more conflict, flesh the backstory of Wonderland and Wonderland its self out more. I would also add a bit more to the characters, but I think that would come with upping the conflict and fleshing out!

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Surviving Adam Meade


Ugh, this book irritates me. It was honestly too short and a lot of things suffered because of it. I would give Adam a POV to get a good look inside his head. I think it would add another dimension to the story! I would also flesh out Claire’s character a bit. She kinda just felt there to me. I would like to give her more of a backstory. I would also slow down the romance because it didn’t feel like a hate-to-love to me at all. It happened so fast that you didn’t even get any good hating in!

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Ah, the book that made me hate werewolves. I did not enjoy this one at all. Obviously haha. This is another one I would throw everything out. Keep the main character and the wolf idea but change everything else. Again, I feel like their could be a small inkling of a good story here, but it would take a lot of digging to find it.

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I actually really got into that and really enjoyed it! It’s fun to see how I would change a book due to my tastes. These are just my ideas and my opinions and it doesn’t mean these books are bad or erase the hard work that went into them. I just personally didn’t like them and would have liked to see something different than what I got.

Thank you for reading!

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