#RockyRecommends: Lifelike by Jay Kristoff


Welcome to #Rocky Recommends! Every Friday, my big fluffy cat picks out a book he loved and tells why he thinks everyone should read it! This week, he picked Lifelike.

Rocky’s Thoughts: Hello I amz Rocky and I amz cat. Oh boy is this book good. I certainly love robots. They are super good and I love reading about them. I would like you all to know that I am part robot cause you just cannot be this perfect just by yourself so do not feel bad if you aren’t as perfect as me. Nobody can be as perfect from. I got off track but I’m getting back on cause this book is so good. Your welcome. So yes robots and good characters. Eve was very much amazing and I am super sorry she had such a bad day even though it was super fun to read about. Lemon and Cricket are such cool names that Ezekial just faded to the background name wise but they were all great even though I like some names better than others. But shhhh I’ll never tell which ones. I’m currently in contact with Eve to get some of her super awesome mind powers cause that would just be some of the icing on the cake for me super awesome self. I hope she says yes cause I would love to do stuff with my mind! Thank you and 5 out of 5 purrs.

You can add Lifelike on Goodreads and order a copy of your own! Rocky and I hope you enjoyed this week’s recommendation!

Thank you for reading!

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