How I Post So Much

I thought I wasn’t going to get around to this post for awhile, but here we are. I am able to post pretty much everyday. It’s due to a lot of factors and I wanted to highlight how I am able to make time and stay motivated to put out so much content. Another point I would like to make is that no matter how much you post, you’re still a book blogger and an awesome one at that. Putting together posts is hard work and everybody works differently. Your limit could be one a week, while somebody else’s is 10. You’re just as valid and awesome if you do one post a week.

To start off, I’m homeschooled. Well, cyberschooled but I honestly consider it same thing haha. It really works for me for a variety of reasons, but it also gives me more free time than teens who go to brick and mortar school. Plus, I’m not absolutely exhausted and run down at the end of day from a full day of school. Some of my extra energy is channeled into blog posts!

I was lucky enough that on the first day of school, I had a post all ready to go to post during that day from the night before. This then got me into the routine of putting together posts the night before. I can do them whenever I want during my the afternoon or night when I’m free.

I also have two easy, fun posts that I can get out of the way during the weekend. That way, I have two days ‘off’ from coming up with ideas and writing out a post. I’ve found it’s worth the extra push on the weekend to give my creativity a break during the week. I also do a tag once a week. I also consider these easier and a lot of fun so I look forward to doing them!

I think the biggest thing for me is that I started to treat blogging like work. This gets me in the mindset to get it done and get it done well, which is what I do with school. It helps me not to overthink things and just get the words out. It also keeps me motivated. It’s just become something that I do. And because of this, I really and truly love it. Blogging is such a fun and creative outlet for me. I genuinely enjoy what I’m doing and the posts I am putting out. It helps me sit down everyday to put everything together.

I really do love blogging and books and the bookish/blogging community. And I truly mean it when I say that how much you post does not matter. If you love it, then that is all that matters and your content is JUST AS AWESOME!!!

Thank you for reading!

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