My Thoughts: Supernatural


I found this show in an incredibly hard time in my life. It was something to distract me and something that made me happy. I’ve followed Supernatural for the last three years and in that time my love for the show has only lessened. It’s for a lot of reasons, but their just my opinions. I will probably always love this show, but I’m not sure if I can keep looking past its downfalls.

I’m tired of the queerbaiting. I’m tired of every single female character being killed off. I’m tired of Castiel’s emotional trauma never being worked through or even noticed. Just, a lot of things aren’t working for me anymore.

The queerbaiting was reached a peak for me. I don’t understand why only recentlyish it was said that it doesn’t exist. Why was this not mentioned sooner? Why have they lead so many people on for so many years and then get upset when fans ask about it? I don’t get why it wasn’t addressed in the very beginning that Dean and Cas would not have a romantic relationship. If not even in the beginning, but sooner when Destiel was winning awards and being praised out the waazoo. I don’t get it and I’m tired of it.

I tried to brush off the death of so many female characters for so long. Elieen was the last straw for me. Her death was so random and so fast that it frustrated me so much. Why is Rowena the only female character? Why are female characters only there for one week during a case? Where’s our female hunter? We have the Wayward Sisters who show up in one episode if we’re lucky. Please. There needs to be more and I’m honestly tired of waiting.

And then there’s Cas who is also separated from the Winchesters, never gets the spotlight, is always depleted in some way, and simply cannot be what fans are begging for him to be. He has so much emotional stuff going on that is never addressed, despite Sam and Dean being about to work through their emotional hardships all the time. Some main character.

I just don’t know where I stand with this show anymore. It has remained good for 14 years. But that’s all its done. If it had changed with the times, had adapted, it could have been spectacular. But it didn’t and we’re left with this.

I’m going to leave you with this fantastic Supernatural/The Good Place crossover. Please check it out it is BRILLIANT.

Thank you for reading!

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