What I Post and Why

I actually feel like I have a handle on what content I want to create and a small idea of where I would like to go in the future! I thought it would be fun to layout the kind of content I post, when I’ll post it if I have planned ones, and why!

First off, I do reviews. A kind of obvious one since I am a book blog, but nonetheless, I post reviews! I tend to write them up the day after I finish them when my thoughts are still fresh and I can get everything down with little problem. About 98% of my reviews will be spoiler free. It’s easier for me to talk about my over compassing thoughts instead of trying to nail down little details. If I talk about specific events, I feel like I would be all over the place and I wouldn’t be as streamlined as I would like. Occasionally, I’ll put in minor spoilers (only for books that are already released!) if I think a detail is important or I really, really wanted to talk about it, but a warning will always be at the top of the post!

The other major category for me is listy type posts. It’ll be a certain category and I’ll list books that fit and talk a little bit about them! I think it’s a great way to promote books, show my love for them, and give a small taste on what they are about! I noticed that I did a TON of these and I want to branch out more, I think I’m starting to have more variety, but I am always open to suggestions or ideas!

I also really enjoy doing tags! They are fun, on the easier side, and I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to enjoy them! I’ve started doing about one tag per week and so far its working out! I’ve also got some ideas brewing for tags of my own, which I find really fun to create. I love seeing the questions and answers people come up with and they’re just enjoyable all around!

Next up is #RockyRecommends and Colsten Can’t Wait. I wanted to feature my cats on my blog since I love them. #RockyRecommends comes out every Friday and my big fluffy cat recommends an already released book for everyone. Colsten Can’t Wait is my version of Waiting On Wednesday. Colsten and I pick an upcoming book, highlight it, and explain what it’s all about/why we’re excited for it! These posts are quick, easy, and super fun for me to write up. I like having two posts I know will be easy for me to get up!

I’ve finally started branching out into discussion posts and more chatty posts. I’ve noticed that when I have a few things to say on a certain topic, I actually have more thoughts than I thought I did, haha. I have a few ideas for posts like these for the future and I’m looking forward to where this line of thinking will take me!

Right now, those are the main content types you’ll find here! I am always looking for more ideas and ways to branch out. I will definitely be trying to think of some more ideas so I can make the most out of my blogging experience!

Thank you for reading!

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