The Fall Book Tag

Heck yeah, we’re moving into fall territory this is the definitely the tag I should be doing right now. I have a love-hate relationship with this season, but boy oh boy do I love the colder weather. Let’s see if this tag is as awesome as wearing hoodies and other bulky clothes! Thank you to the original creator!

Crisp fall air – a book that felt fresh and new


Not Even Bones is unlike anything I’ve ever read. The concept is so intriguing and the way it plays out is incredible. This is book to read if you’re looking for morally characters that have to make morally gray decisions.

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Howling winds – an ending that blew you away


This ending blew me away in shock. Honestly “what the heeeeeeeccccckkkk” was my only thoughts for the last twenty pages and ten minutes after finishing. It’s crazy wild.

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Comfy sweaters – a book that gave you the warm and fuzzy’s


This book gave me the warm fuzzies for a variety of different reasons. It has some of the best anxiety rep I have ever seen in a book. It made me feel so seen. Plus, the romance and characters are some of the cutest ever. I loved their development and all the food they cooked, haha.

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Bright colors – a cover with either red, orange, or yellow


Yes, I am definitely using the Kingsbane cover for this one. That cover is BRIGHT, but it manages capture something so amazing without hurting my eyes or giving me a headache!

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Leaf fight – a book with non stop action


Four Dead Queens is a standalone, fantasy, and murder mystery. There is not a second that goes to waste and it is incredible. I manages to go at this breakneck pace without feeling rushed or leaving you feeling overwhelmed, it’s amazing!

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Pumpkin spice – your most anticipated read


I’ve been looking forward to this book for awhile and I can’t wait for it come out! It sounds like such an amazing blend of so many awesome things!

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That was The Fall Book Tag! I hope you enjoyed if you love the season or even hate it!

Thank you for reading!

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