My Thoughts: The Good Place

Is this a review or is this just my random thoughts about this show? Read and find out! (And decide for yourself because I’m not sure if I will haha). I recently started watching the second season of The Good Place (I skimmed the first one and felt ready to take on the second) on a whim and I think it became one of my new comfort shows. I went back and thoroughly watched the first season, then went onto rewatching the second on again, stopped in the middle, and went back to rewatch the first season. So yeah, I’m a fan haha.

Even on the surface, this show is hard to place in a single category. It’s a comedy, but it deals with the afterlife and a mistake that was made regarding a person put into the Good Place accidentally. It deals with heavier topics, but it is such a soothing show to watch. The comedy is well refined and honestly hilarious.

In the first season, it really makes you question what is good and what is bad. To me Elanor wasn’t a great person on Earth, but when put into the situations she is, she’s super cool and willing to get better. I think that counts for something. I think people have goodness inside of them, they just need the right set of circumstances to bring it out sometimes.

The second season amps it up with the good messages. Every single character has such good communication, it is absolutely wonderful. No complication is because of secrets kept or people deciding that explaining a situation is too hard. AMAZING. It also delves into emotional health and how talking about people and dealing with your emotions in a healthy way. I absolutely loved how open characters were about their feelings and how they were struggling. I’ve never seen that so blatantly on screen or in a book. It was nice.

My comfort shows usually have a ton of seasons. I can bounce in between episodes or watch straight through and be ready to start over at the end. Of course I pick a new one with only two seasons. I’m really hoping I don’t over watch and become sick of it because that would be the worst. I know season 3 is out soon, like today maybe, but I think I’m going to wait until it is on Netflix. I’ve tended to fall out of love with shows if I have to wait a week in between episodes. I don’t have enough to love the situations and the characters and I honestly just get inpatient. So. I’m going to wait it out and probably fail miserably!


I wanted to try a more chatty post today, since I’m in a chatty mood and I don’t think my brain would have cooperated with a well thought out post haha. I hoped it was likable enough and I actually already have an idea for another one!

Thank you for reading!

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