#RockyRecommends: Strange Grace by Tessa Gratton


Hello and welcome to another #RockyRecommends! Every Friday me and my big fluffy cat get to together to pick a book that we both love and want to recommend to everyone! Rocky shares all his cat thoughts and why you should read that book! This week, we picked Strange Grace by Tessa Gratton.

Rocky’s Thoughts: Hello I amz Rocky and I amz cat. I heard this book was about witches and even the devil I knew I wanted to read it but I had to wait way too long for my liking and I am not happy about that. But it just came out and I am very happy about that cause I have read it and I am now able to love it. It’s about witches who make a pack with the devil which sounds super cool cause the devil sounds like a super cool dude. I would like to talk with him about his marketing techniques since he is super awesome that. Woo, I would love for people to be properly be afraid of me. I’m so cute it will strike you right into your heart. Anywaaaay, it was super cool to learn about the Slaughter Moon which is a super cool name and all the characters who were also super cool. I definitely liked them and they can give me pets but I have a new rule that everybody has to ask first cause there is now a wait list. Thank you and of course 5 out of 5 purrs.


You can add Strange Grace of Goodreads and/or order a copy of your own! Rocky and I hope you enjoyed this week’s recommendation!

Thank you for reading!

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