Cover Throwdown! US vs Taiwanese

A while ago, I did a post comparing covers from the US and UK. It was really fun and I really enjoyed putting it together! I decided to make it an ongoing series where I compare US covers to the covers of other countries! This time, it’s Taiwanese covers. And if I’m being honest, this post is just an excuse to show off the gorgeous Taiwanese covers. They are all seriously works of art.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber


This was the first Taiwanese cover I ever saw and I was entranced in a split second. I haven’t even read Caraval, but I can tell you that that’s Caraval, 100%. It’s so detailed and it manages to capture the story, I think, so well.

Uprooted by Naomi Novik

22544764getImage (1)

The path in the Taiwanese cover is spot on. It feels like it could actually be a part of the forest, but I’m not the biggest fan of the rest of the cover. I think the US one captures the story more thoroughly here.

The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson

16429619getImage (2)

I read the Kiss of Deception a really long time ago and I think there was forest and I think it was that exact forest. That cover is gorgeous and it feels like an actual place from the book.

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

20613470getImage (3)

I’m honestly not a fan of either of these covers. I was never a fan of the US covers for the series and the Taiwanese one just seems meh.

The Young Elites by Marie Lu


Alright, there is just so much DETAIL on the Taiwanese one, it fits so perfectly with the book even if I didn’t like it. Wow.


So, the Taiwanese covers win this time! Aren’t they gorgeous? I love looking through them all. They’re all so different and manage to capture the story pretty much perfectly.

Thank you for reading!

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