The Unique Blogger Award Tag

I was lucky enough to be nominated for The Unique Blogger Award by Brianna (briannathebookworm.com) who is one of the sweetest people ever! I love her blog, her posts are always so thoughtful and fun! Thank you again for nominating me!


  • Display the award!
  • Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
  • Answer the questions they’ve written for you!
  • Nominate 8-13 bloggers and give them three questions in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity within our blogging family!


What are three of your all time favorite books?

Right now it’s Heart of Iron, A Curse So Dark and Lonely, Children of Blood and Bone, and Ace of Shades. Yes, I picked four because I’m a rebel.

Do you prefer e-books or physical copies?

I like both! I find I read more and it’s easier for me to keep reading with e-books, but I will always love having the physical book with me!

If you could meet one author, who would you choose and why?

Oh, this one is so hard. Lately, I’ve been wanting to meet a lot of authors and that’s something new for me. I’ve went to a few tour stops and I loved those events and I’ve found I love hearing my favorite authors talk! I want to meet and say hi to and tell so many authors how much I loved their book(s)!


I tag: Angel @ Avid Reader | Darnell @ darnellouis | Taylor @ Stay On the Page | Ben @ Ace of Bens | Kitty @ JellyFable | Evelyn @ evelynreads | Libby @ dimscree| And probably more people that I’m forgetting. If I forgot you, I’m so sorry, but I love and appreciate you nonetheless!


My Questions:

What is your least favorite book from your favorite genre?

If your cat/pet falls asleep on your book do you move them?

What cover do you think is the prettiest?


That’s The Unique Blogger Award Tag! I hope you enjoyed! It was really fun to put together and it was cool to do a tag that I was actually tagged to do.

Thank you for reading!

8 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award Tag

  1. Ayyye, that’s me! I’m tagged lol

    But I’m right there with ya on the ebook vs. physical book debate because they both have their advantages and I just can’t pick. Different aspects for different needs at different times ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the kind words! You totally deserved this award and I enjoyed reading your answers😊

    I love that you picked four books instead of three haha! I know how hard it can be to narrow down favorites.

    Definitely agree that e-books and physical copies both have their benefits!

    I want to meet so many favorite authors too. It’s super difficult to decide who because I just want to tell them all how much I adored their books!

    Thanks again for doing the tag and for being so sweet! 😃

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